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Casa Katalina, wear it and share the story.

The story of colonial Spain and the indigenous peoples of Mexico. Two cultures converging to create something beautiful, authentic and new. The story of a city named San Miguel de Allende, one that has sustained for over 500 years, an undeniable movement in art, craft, and design that passionately reflects its vibrant heritage.

Casa Katalina is a signature jewelry line conceived and curated by long-time San Miguel resident and multi-talented designer, Katherine Leutzinger. Her creations are a love letter of sorts, wearable narratives of her adopted home intended to spread charm, wisdom, and joy wherever they're worn.

In direct, day-to-day collaboration with San Miguel's most seasoned artisans, Katherine designs bold yet nuanced pieces that speak her city's distinct visual language while honoring its finest creative traditions. Handcrafted using only time-honored tools, techniques, and materials, each new piece represents a journey to the heart of this fabled land.

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